Our team

Executive board

The executive board is made up of seven members : three active members, three sympathizing members and one representative member of the employees.

Active members :
– Sylvie Thériault, administrator
– Daniel Pelland, administrator
– Marie-Andrée Vallée, secretary

Sympathizing members :
– Andrée-Anne Blondeau, president
– Catherine Gillbert, treasurer
– Stéphanie Laprise, administrator

Representative member of the employees :
– Nicole Martel, psychosocial worker, volunteers & interns manager

Users committee

The users committee is made up of five active members elected for a 2-year mandate during the general meeting. One of the members must represent the English-speaking users.
The role of this committee is to make recommendations to the executive board about the community outreach of the Alternative Centregens’ members.

Members of the committee :
– Danielle Cadieux
– Daniel Pelland
– Lucie Pivin
– Serge Dubeau
– Mireille Gemme