Who are we ?

Our mission

Various activities are offered all year long. All members are encouraged to suggest activities with common interests of the participants that will be added to the calendar.

Become a member

To access our services, you must become a member. An appointment must be made with a worker at the point of service. A $10 fee is required to have the membership card. Note that you must be 18 years old or older to become a member.

Alternative Centregens

Our services

Physical and social activities
Board games, bingo, thematic parties, swimming, walking, outdoor activities, summer camps ...
Formation, information and conferences
Formations and conferences organized by psychosocial workers or interns
Creativity and self-expression
Creative workshops, decorating workshops, well-being activities, jewelry, painting, drawing, knitting, choir, karaoke ...
Food distribution, complete and balanced meals, delicious snacks ...
Psychosocial support
Personal support, communication, problem resolution for individuals (or groups), phone interventions ...